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AI Updates (NFU)



Treegens DSST





Every single tree is filmed and then counted using our AI tree counter. Non-Fungible Updates are sent to everyone who donates with crypto & those who burn $MGRO to retire the eco-credit.

The governance token for Treegens DAO. The utility of TGN is that it can be staked to become a verifier through our Proof of Plant protocol. By verifying that trees were planted, verifiers receive 5% of MGRO.

We are tokenising mangrove trees with the $MGRO, which is only issued through Proof of Plant. Treegens earn $MGRO tokens by planting mangrove trees, which are verified by our AI & DAO.

Treegens is the first dynamic semi-soulbound token (DSST). It visually changes & levels up as Treegens plant trees and fund trees with crypto. The art is tradeable, not the gamified impact metrics.

Started by the tree planting world champion

Jimi Cohen surpassed the tree planting World Record of 23,060 within 24 hours by planting 25,244 mangroves in 21.5 hours while in Kigamboni, Tanzania.

Now we are growing the movement of Treegens to beat the next world record together set by Ethiopia - 560M trees in 24 hours.

To accomplish this goal we need to radically transform the transparency & incentives behind tree planting.

Treegen DAO TGN

TGN is the governance token of Treegen DAO. By staking TGN, you can become a validator of $MGRO through PoP (Proof of Plant).

PoP means the only way to mint more $MGRO is to plant mangrove trees and verify with our AI assisted verifiers of our DAO.

Health checks are completed by filming the trees are made very 6 months over the course of 3 years to unlock, unlocking 1/7th of the token.



Treegens have tokenised trees, creating eco-credits to record regenerators around the world.

Proof of Plant

1 $MGRO Eco-Credit = 1 mangrove tree grown for 3+ years. $MGRO is issued according to PoP


Ecological claims can only be made by burning the $MGRO token. This unlocks its corresponding NFU & levels up the DSST

Proof of Plant

Non-Fungible Updates (NFU)

Our AI Tree counter already has more than 97.5% accuracy, far better than a human.

Airdropped to those who fund mangroves through the DSSTs.

Treegen cus-holder-stomers also send us videos of the trees they have planted, our AI counts them and is airdropped back as an NFU.

Dynamic Semi-Soulbound Token (DSST)

Mind Orb

The more trees you fund through our $MGRO stablecoin, the brighter youor mind orb get

Heart Orb

The more trees you plant through our $MGRO stablecoin, the brighter your heart orb get



Your DSST visually levels up according to your regenerative impact metrics.


While the underlying artwork is transferable, these overlaid orbs are not and will display on whichever Treegen is used as your PFP. Higgher levels ulock utility rewards.


Both impact metrics are verified through our DApp and AI tree counter.

Why Us?

Doxxed Team

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Voted 1st place on Gitcoin & Top 5 in Climate Solutions for the last 3 consecutive rounds.

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